West Wing

The Städtische Galerie presents its permanent exhibitions in the west wing of Schloss Wolfsburg, which was renovated in accordance with the guidelines for monument protection and was ceremoniously opened in 2002. On two storeys (370 sq. m.), a selection of the holdings of the collection is shown under the title “Bestandsaufnahme” (taking stock). The rooms in the west wing are relatively small and served as bedrooms and living spaces for the Counts of von der Schulenberg until 1942. A special location is the “Silberkammer” (silver chamber), which is part of the medieval keep and dates back to the fourteenth century. It today serves as a “black box”. In every exhibition, there is a dialogue between the historical architecture and contemporary art. In the presentation of the collection, the focus is on creating new associations, connections and fusions. What is thus develops is a heterogeneous constellation that is not orientated toward particular media but in which it is possible to place installations, video projections, painting, graphics and sculpture in a direct relationship. Since the west wing presentation location does not represent a neutral exhibition space but instead forcefully inscribes history and stories into the contemporary exhibits, alternative models for the design of exhibitions are absolutely necessary.