Ati Maier's work approach is characterized by a courageous interdisciplinarity. Her work not only covers the media of drawing, painting, photography and animation, but also includes video and film. Born in Munich in 1962, the artist studied in New York and Vienna. Today she lives and works in New York City and Santa Fé, New Mexico. For her films Ati Maier introduced the character Space Rider. It is a humanoid appearance, whose head is covered with a helmet. She always rides a horse with similar headgear. Since 2003, this figure has appeared again and again in Maier's work.

“I love science fiction. I want to be an astronaut on a space horse. I read a lot of sci-fi books. Science fiction is recognized in literature, but science fiction does not yet exist in the visual arts, except in comics. I try to establish it as a genre through my art.” This is how the German-American artist Ati Maier describes an important aspect of her work.

With her psychedelic landscapes Ati Maier has achieved international fame. Two of the artist's characteristic works are in the collection of the Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg: those in which galaxies are mirrored or which depict kaleidoscopic formations in which microcosm and macrocosm combine. They are abstract and imaginative creations of high recognition value. Erupting volcanoes, exploding supernovas or thunderous storms coupled with an enormous release of energy fill her pictures. There are references to the expressionist artists “Blauer Reiter", which Maier was able to study early in her native Munich. Ati Maier combines this visual experience of expressively abstract worlds of colour and form with the overwhelming impressions of American nature.

In the solo exhibition the artist presents for the first time a four-channel video installation with the Space Rider she created. The cycle, comprising four videos, is to be understood as a spatially expansive oeuvre and takes into account the special spatial conditions in Wolfsburg Castle. She takes the viewers into a fantastic world. The aim is not to show how things will or should be, but rather to open up new horizons of possibility. The cycle is projected onto four different walls in the exhibition rooms of the Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg. Four stands for the four directions of the medicine wheel (a holy place of several cultures of the Plains Indians), which is drawn on the ground with fluorescent paint. The different colors symbolize certain nature events: The black is the west, where the thunderbeings live to send rain. The white one is the north from which the great purifying wind comes. The red one is the east from which the light emanates and where the morning star lives to give wisdom to men. The yellow stands for the south, from which the summer and the strength to grow come.

An exhibition kindly supported by the Lüneburgischer Landschaftsverband.

The planned performance is expected to be postponed until autumn 2020.

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  • 08. May 2020 17.00 cet
    Postponement Performance "Retracing the first moonwalk"

    The planned performance is expected to be postponed until autumn 2020.

    Ati Maier will perform with her horse in Wolfsburg as part of the Space Rider series:

    In the castle park Ati Maier rides on the line of the first path that the astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked there in 1969 after landing on the moon with Apollo 11: The first spacewalk on the moon.

    At the end of her performance Ati Maier sets the Space Rider flag.

    Video of the performance in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA:


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