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The discovery of the sky and clouds in art goes back to the nineteenth century. Clouds were observed and classified by scientists and painted and drawn by artists.

For the photographer Heinrich Heidersberger (1906-2006), clouds - particularly in connection with photos of architecture - were also an important element in the dramaturgy of his pictorial language. With clouds, many images were first given the necessary balance. But when nature did not want to play along with his ideas, Heidersberger simply realised the force of nature in his laboratory. He thus created an extensive archive of clouds in which he had various types and formations of clouds on hand and inserted them into his prints when needed. Architecture, sky and clouds were put together to form a perfect composition.

Now, selected images from Heinrich Heidersberger’s cloud archive will be presented for the first time in the Kunst-Station in the Wolfsburg main train station. There, the clouds are positioned on the walls of the waiting area and can be viewed at leisure without being blown away immediately by the wind.

An exhibition of the Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg in the “Studio Heidersberger” series in cooperation with the Heidersberger Institute and in collaboration with the Deutsche Bahn AG.


  • 11. October 2011 14.00 cet
    Einweihung im Hauptbahnhof
  • 29. November 2011 18.00 cet
    Gespräch im Institut Heidersberger mit Bernd Rodrian


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