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For many years, the North American artist Peter Wegner has been examining a diverse classifications, categories, and theories of colour. In doing so, he not only experiments with colour wheels, but also works artistically with scientific colour models as well as with colour systems from industry. In the Kunst-Station in Wolfsburg’s main train station, Wegner makes reference to the sonorous names of colour codes that are used in trade and commerce to clearly classify individual colour nuances and name them in an appealing way at the same time. With the colours selected here, the artist on the one hand establishes a content-related connection to the hustle and bustle of a main train station in line with the saying, ‘moving heaven and earth’. On the other, he gives rise to a field of tension that develops as a result of the effect of the colours and words in the space. Since, each person who enters the waiting area in the train station hall has to decide whether to take a place on one side or the other. This site- and space-related concept by Peter Wegner examines phenomena of individual perception and decision-making processes in a sophisticated way and consequently provides an entirely new view of the floor artwork by Daniel Buren and its artistic examination of the structures of public space. Peter Wegner was born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA, in 1963 and studied at Yale University. He lives and works in Berkeley, California.

An exhibition in cooperation with the Deutsche Bahn and the Neuland Wohnungsgesellschaft, and with the kind support of Galerie m Bochum.


  • 15. March 2018 18.00 cet

    A new room installation by the artist Peter Wegner in the Kunst-Station in Wolfsburg’s Main Train Station.


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