The Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg presents a space for experience conceived by the photographer Claus Goedicke in the Kunst-Station in the Wolfsburg main train station.

The artist puts together digital compositions that are printed on rolls of wallpaper. In the process, the image material that is collected is not brought together to form a homogeneous image but each motif instead stands for itself alone. Although the images seem to be distributed loosely and without a plan over the entire piece of wallpaper, they actually adhere to a strict choreography. Nevertheless, they do not have any inner connection and they also do not function chronologically or historically.

The basic structure that connects all of them is the pattern on the monochrome background. In the case of the wallpaper “Grüße vom Mond” (greetings from the moon), it is an ornament of a human forearm. On the wallpaper, it is also possible to see photos of, for example, a rocket, the earth, and of birds and peonies. On the other wallpapers, Goedicke arranged parts of the human body, thus giving the wallpaper a superordinate structure.

Ultimately, it is left up to viewers to develop new stories in which new meanings emerge from the motifs. Seen figuratively, the gaps between the individual pictorial motifs also allow space for one’s own associations and interpretations. The title “Grüße vom Mond” also allows a lot of space for one’s own thoughts and reveries. And the information in the images also invites guests to invent their own stories themselves while waiting. Stories of journeys, of arriving and departing, of joyous greetings, of the sadness of goodbyes, the joy and impatience of waiting...

“Grüße vom Mond” is already the sixth project in the “Kunst-Station” in the Wolfsburg main train station. Since 2006, the Kunst-Station has been designed artistically in a collaboration of the Deutsche Bahn AG and the Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg.

We thank the Neuland GmbH for their kind support.


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