The Mannheim artist Werner Degreif, who is represented in the “Home Stories” exhibition of the Städtische Galerie with the work “Haussegen” (house blessing), created the “Unterwegs” (in transit) mural painting for the waiting area in the Wolfsburg train station. In his mural painting, the artist addresses our perceptions of our everyday surroundings. He questions our matter-of-course experience of material objects and spatial orientation. Specifically in a bustling place like the train station, the mural painting by Werner Degreif assumes a special significance. Viewers who sit in the waiting room and are not able to avoid the large-format image are confronted with new experiences of seeing. Experiences of seeing provide viewers with insights in the literal sense of "looking carefully" - it’s worth taking a look! The parties involved in the project are the Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg, the Deutsche Bahn AG and the artist Werner Degreif. Exhibition location: Wolfsburg train station


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