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Print has always played an important role in the art collection of the Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg. With the gallery’s large stock of various print media we are able to illustrate, in a unique way, how printing has developed over the last 100 years and in particular the diverse metamorphoses of such since the 20th century. The question whether print is currently retransforming itself, undergoing a revival (renaissance) or on the contrary decaying again, is not decided yet. For more than 50 years now, the castle’s printing workshop has offered artists, at a historical place, to refine and prove their art. Many of the artist’s positions which are being displayed will hopefully encourage and carry on a great deal of the discussion. Some of them have been guests in the printing workshop, some of them will come along to keep the debate lively and interesting.

The exhibition is showing works by Christiane Baumgartner, Andrea Büttner, Jo-hannes Heidenpeter, Hanna Hennenkemper, Katrin von Maltzahn, Christian Pilz, Roland Schappert, Maximilian Thiel, Timm Ulrichs und Michael Wutz.

For the opening exhibition, the artist and brewer Johannes Heidenpeter will create and offer a new beer type.

translated by: Katharina Manitsas


  • 12. April 2014 18.00 cet


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