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Wolfsburg looks back on a comparatively short, yet eventful and rapid history. The city, founded in 1938, is characterised today by a broad, colourful and active citizenship, which brings this city to life in the daily coexistence of many different people from different cultures. The exhibition with artists from Latin America underlines the extraordinary importance of cultural diversity for a cheerful and solidary community and proves that openness, curiosity and inspiration, especially in times of upheaval and change, are indispensable for us humans and society.

Arturo Herrera often assembles his collage-like works from found objects from flea markets, motifs from comics, art books, photo albums or children's books. In doing so, he combines personal souvenirs with the collective memory of images. This creates an exciting dialogue between different cultures and perspectives that shaped the artist in the course of his biographical stations. In the work "Track & Field", which extends over two walls of the first exhibition space, the focus is not on the recognizability of the sign, but on the painterly as an abstract form of expression of individual emotionality and subjectivity. Born in 1959 in Caracas/Venezuela, the artist came to Berlin/Germany in 2003 with a DAAD scholarship, where he has lived and worked ever since. He studied art in Chicago/USA and lived in New York/USA.

Celina Gonzalez Sueyro, born in 1976 in Mar del Plata/Argentina, studied first in Buenos Aires, then at the University of the Arts in Berlin. She came to Berlin in 2001 with a DAAD scholarship and now commutes between Germany and Argentina, where she combines exhibition projects with teaching activities. In the spatial installation "The Spider and the Fly" in the second exhibition space, the artist networks metaphorical levels with each other. The sea as a poetic quotation and bridge opens the dialogue and as a link between the works it creates a level of meaning with space for questions, relationships and connections. In the works of Celina Gonzalez Sueyro, the moment, the time and the working process also play a visible role. Through the technique of cyanotype, light and moment are inscribed in her work.

Luis Camnitzer was born in Lübeck/Germany in 1937, his family moved to Montevideo/Uruguay in 1939 and he studied sculpture, architecture and printmaking. The artist has been in Germany and the USA with various scholarships. In 1964 he moved to the USA and now lives in New York State. Camnitzer is the author of important art-theoretical and art-historical writings. As a conceptual artist, his preferred working medium is writing. For the exhibition in Wolfsburg Castle, he presents a large banner on the outer façade of the south wing with the lettering of which he positions himself against the separation of art and mediation and advocates the museum as a school of life: "The museum is a school: the artist learns to communicate. The public learns to make connections."

An exhibition in cooperation with Galerie Sies + Höke, Düsseldorf and with the kind support of the Lüneburgischer Landschaftsverband.

The museum also presents video works by various artists from Latin America:

Javier Calvo: "Solo Yo" 2013

Melissa Guevara: "Meaning of Absence (Significado de Ausencia)" 2016

Aníbal Lopez: "Testimonio" 2012

Abigail Reyes: "Sí Señor" 2016

Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa: "Three Ghosts" 2007 and "Life in his Mouth, Death Cradles her Arm" 2016


  • 22. August 2018 11.00 cet
    Press Conference
  • 25. August 2018 18.00 cet


    Susanne Pfleger, Director of Städtischen Galerie Wolfsburg

    Marcus Körber, Curator of Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg

    After the opening party with snacks, music and drinks. Sponsored by the supportes association jugend in der galerie e.V.

  • 23. October 2018 18.00 cet
    Artist Talk mit Maria Celina Gonzalez Sueyro

    The Argentinean artist in conversation with the curator Marcus Körber and in exchange with the audience

  • 11. November 2018 11.00 cet
    matinee zum Wochenende der Graphik

    Curator Marcus Körber leads through the exhibition and gives insigths into the art of collage and special light printings

  • 04. December 2018 18.00 cet
    Salsa Arte

    An diesem Abend kann die Ausstellung einmal ganz anders erlebt werden: Bei lateinamerikanischer Musik die Grundschritte von Salsa und Bachata kennenlernen und das in einem ganz besonderen Ambiente im Schloss Wolfsburg. Mit dabei sind Tänzerinnen und Tänzer der Gruppe meetINT World, die professionelle Anleitung und Impulse geben.

    Der Eintritt ist frei. Das Tanzen ist auch ohne Partner oder Partnerin möglich.

    Anmeldung per Mail an ifk@stadt.wolfsburg.de oder per Telefon unter 05361-281653.

    Eine Veranstaltung in Kooperation mit dem Internationalen Freundeskreis Wolfsburg e.V. (IFK) und meetINT World.


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