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At regular intervals, the Städtische Galerie commissions in-situ works that find their place either in the collection or in the public space. The goal is a hands-on and productive approach to contemporary art. Lothar Götz has been known for his site-specific works in Europe for more than ten years. His abstract mural paintings engage in a dialogue with the specific spatial situation and elucidate the architectural conditions of a space with basic geometric structures and colour concepts. The artist (*1963 in Günzburg), who lives in London, has now realised colour space concepts in both the Städtische Galerie in Schloss Wolfsburg as well as the Kunst-Station in the main train station in Wolfsburg.


  • 18. April 2012 14.00 cet
    Press conference
  • 21. April 2012 18.00 cet


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