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Since 1959, the art prize of the city of Wolfsburg ‘Junge Stadt sieht Junge Kunst’ (A Young City Sees Young Art) has been awarded every three years. It is oriented toward artists who according to the precept of the jury ‘have achieved supra-regional attention with their work up to this point and a corresponding level of recognition, and who should be supported in their artistic work with this prize’. With the naming of Angela Bulloch (born 1966) as the prize-winner for 2011, the choice fell on one of the most interesting contemporary female artists in Germany. The Canadian, who today lives in Berlin and London, has participated in important international group exhibitions and attracted attention with solo exhibitions in the Lenbachhaus in Munich or in the Secession in Vienna, among others. In her work, Angela Bulloch employs various media, which she explores conceptually. The works often revolve around ideas of space, relationships to the viewer or interactivity with the viewer. Drawings and the ‘Drawing Machines’ group of works created since the 1990s, which also integrate viewers into the production process, stand at the centre of the exhibition in Wolfsburg. In addition to existing works, Angela Bulloch also developed a new installation that reacts to the rooms in Schloss Wolfsburg.

An edition was published to accompany the exhibition: photogravure 52 x 52 cm, edition 10 +X, plus 5 AP, signed and numbers, price 400 € plus 20 € shipping and handling.

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  • 02. April 2011 20.00 cet
    Eröffnung und Preisübergabe im Gartensaal von Schloss Wolfsburg


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