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In the exhibition, graphic works by the artist will be presented for the first time. This series of works was created in the museum’s print workshop and in cooperation with the Braunschweigische Stiftung, which awards the “Abdruck” (print) workshop stipend each year. In the graphic works created in Wolfsburg, Hanna Nitsch (*1974 in Freiburg) combines or contrasts various scientific principles of representation for identifying individual identity (e.g. x-rays, fingerprints) with subject-constituting narrative forms. Through doing so, she sheds light on both media-specific mechanisms of the visual production and the twofold aspect of images as a subject- and simultaneously knowledge-constituting phenomenon. The graphic works are presented in combination with other series of works by Hanna Nitsch such as video projections, ceramics and photographs. An exhibition project in cooperation with the Kunstmuseum Wiesbaden. We thank the Braunschweigische Stiftung and the association jugend in der galerie e.V. for their generous support.


  • 14. April 2015 18.00 cet


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