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For the 125th birthday of the sculptor Gerhard Marcks, the Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg displays an atelier-exhibition with small-scale sculptures and works on paper, as well as a woodcut from the galerie’s art collection. Gerhard Marcks was born 1889 in Berlin and created a tremendous oeuvre until he died in 1981. Among his sculpture works he also worked on woodcuts and lithographs. Animals, characters from Christianity and Greek mythology belonged to his favourite subjects. In addition, he also produced important works in the field of drawing and printing. Similarly as his sculptures, so do the graphic works show an impact of his travelling and not only his subjects’ studies highlight a certain feeling, his landscape studies do, too. The woodcut accommodated Marcks in terms of material as well as the strict concept of workmanship which can also be found in sculpting. In his last years of creating, Marcks dedicated himself particularly to lithographs and gesso.

A historic documentary film is shown at the exhibition, including an interview with the artist himself, both trying to illuminate not only the artistic oeuvre but also the person behind the art.

translated by: Katharina Manitsas


  • 18. February 2014 19.00 cet


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