The long-term project DELETHE was founded in 2012 as a project of the artist Nik Nowak, the lawyer Philipp Brandt and the curator Peter Lang (✝). DELETHE deals with the question of the handling and deletion of data after death. The project is a forum, self-experiment and service at the same time and aims to compare the current status of the legal situation with the practical feasibility of deleting personal data after death. The death of a human being raises personal and legal questions about the handling of data in virtual reality. Profiles in social networks, avatars, accounts continue to exist. To whom does the data belong after death, is there a legal right to deletion and what does the loss of control over the data mean? Is there a right to be forgotten?

Nik Nowak is an artist, musician and curator. His cross-media artistic work often deals with the effect of sound, as well as with the role of sound systems as cultural transmitters or acoustic weapons. Sound objects like "Mobile Booster", "Panzer" and "Echodrohnen" brought him worldwide attention. In addition to his exhibition activities, he has also been scientifically investigating the phenomenon of mobile sound systems for years and gives lectures on this topic. He also performs regularly with live and DJ sets alone or with his band Schockglatze as a musician. Nowak studied art at the University of the Arts in Berlin from 2002 to 2007, was a master student of Prof. Lothar Baumgarten and attended Xiang Jing's sculpture class at Shanghai Normal University in 2007. In 2007 he was awarded the Georg Meistermann Scholarship. In 2014 he curated the international exhibition "Kunst Sound Maschine" in collaboration with the Museum Marta and was awarded the Gasag Art Prize, which honours outstanding artistic positions at the interface of art, science and technology.


  • 25. June 2019 18.00 cet

    Nik Nowak's long-term project DELETHE presents the second part of the exhibition series "Mensch Macht Maschine".

  • 06. September 2019 18.00 cet
    Artist talk with Nik Nowak

    Following the artist talk in the exhibition DELETHE there will be a film screening in the Hallenbad – Kultur am Schachtweg "War of Art" with Nik Nowak

  • 06. September 2019 20.00 cet
    Movie "War of Art" with Nik Nowak

    Following the artist talk in the exhibition DELETHE there will be a film screening in the Hallenbad – Kultur am Schachtweg "War of Art" (german subtitle)

    Director: Tom Gulliksen

    Camera: Sven-Erling Brusletto

    Cut: Uwe Klimmeck

    Music: Kjetil Røst Nilsen, Takumi Motokawa, Frank Zerban, Nik Nowak

    Design: Kristian Pedersen, Jean Valnoir

    Production: Andreas Gutzeit, Linn Aronsen, Eirin O. Høgetveit, Benedikte Danielsen

    with: Morten Traavik, Henrik Placht, Nik Nowak, Jean Valnoir, Quentin Shih, Cathie Boyd.

    Documentary | DE / NOR 2019 | 106 min. | FSK 0 | Regie: Tommy Gulliksen

    In spring 2016, 10 artists from all over the world will travel to Pyongyang in North Korea. For ten days they show North Korean artists their most controversial art. This project could be a groundbreaking step towards opening a cultural exchange with the outside world or could be used as a propaganda tool by the authorities. However, there is hope that the artists will be able to act as "Trojan horses"" in a society without rebellion. Certainly this film offers a unique perspective on North Korean culture. Nik Nowak, who is currently exhibiting at the Städtische Galerie, was one of the protagonists and will be available for an audience discussion after the film.


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