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„Informel, das / Stil, der - Das Schweigen der Bilder als stupide Zumutung oder Die Sprachlosigkeit“

Fourth part of the exhibition cycle "DEINE KUNST" by Michael Müller 26 May until 29 November 2020

The Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg has invited the Berlin-based artist Michael Müller to curate an experimental new presentation of its collection that lasts two years and presents the collection in several successive versions. The collection is presented in the form of an extraordinary "solo exhibition", a polyphonic installation by Michael Müller.


  • 06. February 2019 11.00 cet
    Press conference first version
  • 08. February 2019 18.00 cet
    Opening first version:

    Lösung oder Auflösung / DER LIQUIDATOR

    The Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg maintains an active dialogue with artists. For the new presentation of the collection, the Berlin-based artist Michael Müller was invited to examine the collection and make a personal selection from the collection. In the west wing of Wolfsburg Castle, he conceived an exciting installation that runs counter to expectations. Habits of seeing and thinking are challenged. Over a period of two years, the collection will be placed in new contexts in several surprising versions.

    The first version will be available until 7 April 2019.

  • 17. May 2019 12.00 cet
    Press conference second version
  • 18. May 2019 19.00 cet
    Opening of the second version:


    Like the opening version of the cycle from early February to early April, the second exhibition remains strangely empty. On the walls in the west wing of the castle there are small title plates containing information on individual works (obligatory, as always). Name, title, year, dimensions, materials, etc. are listed soberly and in many cases supplemented by a number given to the work in the accompanying audio guide. The audio guide is at the centre of the greatly reduced presentation. What's the matter with you? Because the work he's supposed to be accompanying is missing. The works will not be shown. The imagination of the visitors* is in demand, the exhibition is created in the mind. A wonderful experiment.

    Works are discussed among other things by Art & Language, Francis Bacon, Franz Beckmann, Angela Bulloch, Walter Dahn, Alberto Giacometti, Asger Jorn, Ilya Kabakov, KOAK, Vlado Martek, Ludwig Meidner, Blinky Palermo, A. R. Penck, Arnulf Rainer, Daniel Spoerri, Elaine Sturtevant and Timm Ulrichs.

    The second version can be heard until 6 October 2019.

  • 17. October 2019 11.00 cet
    Press conference third version
  • 19. October 2019 19.00 cet
    Opening of the third version:

    The Conditions of Being Art (oder der Amateur)

    Duration of the third version from 19 October 2019 to 5 April 2020.

    The Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg was opened on 20 October 1974. On the occasion of the 45th anniversary, the Berlin-based artist Michael Müller was invited to curate an experimental new presentation of the collection. The artist shows an exhibition cycle that extends over a period of two years and presents the collection in several successive versions.

    Speaking at the opening:

    Susanne Pfleger, Director Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg

    Ingolf Viereck, Mayor of the City of Wolfsburg

    Dennis Weilmann, Department Head for Economy, Digital and Culture

    In his Wolfsburg project "DEINE KUNST" Michael Müller deals intensively with the collection and exhibition situation of the Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg and in this context focuses on original and copy: the co-existence, juxtaposition and opposition of the individual and the adopted, originality and reference to tradition, style and quotation, homage and plagiarism. He arranges, sorts and creates completely new and surprising covers. Vacancies and crisis situations also play a role and invite discussion.

    On the occasion of the anniversary of the Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg, the third version of the unusual exhibition cycle "DEINE KUNST" will be opened and the artist curator Michael Müller will use selected works from the holdings of his own collection as an opportunity to experiment with the conditions and possibilities of exhibiting, to isolate, examine and vary individual parameters. How are works of art presented? How do the space and the environment influence the works? Is there a "law of good neighbourliness" (Warburg) or are all works "the mortal enemy" of all others (Adorno)? Like the exhibition cycle as a whole, "The Conditions of Being Art (oder der Amateur)" thus poses the question of the complex and fascinating interrelationship between the works, as well as the relationship between work and artist, artist and curator, curator and audience, who meet in the exhibition spaces in a variety of ways. The artist is represented, among other things, by the signature and the self-portrait, in other words means of authentication that could hardly be more different. In contrast, the focus is on a rarely noticed form of demarcation: the framework that surrounds the works and limits authorship. Where does the work stop? Where does the frame start? What happens when the frame becomes the work? The special significance of neighbourhood for the effect of the individual works (their co-existence, juxtaposition and opposition on the wall or in space) forms the last major focus of the exhibition, which shows how the works can influence and even diffuse into one another. The works presented are those that came up in the second version of the cycle in the form of an audio guide, i.e. that could only be heard and not seen. They will (let me tell you this much) not be curated without problems this time either. Especially the disturbances show what else works. The exceptions show the rules.

  • 26. May 2020 13.00 cet
    Presentation fourth part

    „Informel, das / Stil, der - Das Schweigen der Bilder als stupide Zumutung oder Die Sprachlosigkeit“

    Duration of the fourth version from 26 May 2020 to 29 November 2020.

    The fourth version of the exhibition series "DEINE KUNST" is entitled "Informel, das / Stil, der - Das Schweigen der Bilder als stupide Zumutung oder Die Sprachlosigkeit". The first part of the title "Informel, das / Stil, der" relates to a formal reference: the art-historical classification of styles and art directions by means of definitions in the lexicon.

    Informal art represents an important direction in the visual arts after 1945 and is a focal point in the collection of the Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg.

    Fascism had brought progressive artistic tendencies in Europe to a standstill. Persecution, ostracism, expulsion or even murder of artists required a radical reorientation. The focus was now on material, signs and gestures in the avoidance of form, representation and theory. The gestural painting and drawing as an act of departure as well as individual and artistic liberation developed simultaneously in Europe and America. And so there are many overlaps within the movement with different terms for this style, which has been constantly expanded: "Tachism", "Abstract Expressionism", "Action Painting", "Informel" or simply "Un art autre".

    Important representatives and pioneers of this art form are artists such as Peter Brüning, Karl Fred Dahmen, Karl Otto Götz, Fred Thieler, Hann Trier, Emil Schumacher and Bernard Schultze, who are represented with graphics and paintings in the collection of the Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg.

    In this context, Michael Müller has created artist spaces with individual representatives of Informel. But this time, too, the presentation is not without problems. This is indicated in the second part of the title. In the third version "DEINE KUNST" the themes signature, original and quotation were in the center, now in the following version all references and references to the artists are missing: "Das Schweigen der Bilder als stupide Zumutung oder Die Sprachlosigkeit" (The silence of the pictures as stupid imposition or The speechlessness). The artist curator Michael Müller lets the artworks speak for themselves and removes them from the didactic description as well as the art-historical assignment, a stupid imposition!

    The exhibition includes works by: Peter Brüning, Carl Buchheister, Emil Cimiotti, Karl Fred Dahmen, Jean Dubuffet, Karl Otto Goetz, Hans Hartung, Gerhard Hoehme, Henri Michaux, Emil Schumacher, K.R.H. Sonderborg, Pierre Soulage, Fred Thieler, Mark Tobey, Hann Trier, Fritz Winter, Wols but also by Michael Müller and Gerhard Richter.

    Michael Müller has added to the works in the collection through loans. We would like to thank the Bergmeier Collection and the Nothelfer Gallery Berlin for their support.

    Opening next part autumn 2020.


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