The exhibition ‘CASTLE DIS-PLAY’ inspires examination of the mechanisms of presenting art in exhibitions and the relationship to the specific exhibition venue with a wide range of artistic works. On a self-reflective level, the group show is thus also an exhibition on exhibiting. Visual gestures of showing are taken up and questioned on an aesthetic level based on works by various young artists. The wordplay ‘CASTLE DIS-PLAY’ plays not only with the instrument of presenting an exhibition – the English ‘display’ – but also with the castle as the location of the institution presenting the exhibition. The Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg has now already called the 700-year-old castle its home for forty years, resulting in the installation of white exhibition spaces that take up the concept of the white cube in the old walls of the castle, but are nevertheless also still confronted with a centuries-old history. The situating of contemporary art in a presentation context is addressed in this group exhibition with works by Brad Downey, Jenny Feldmann, Alexandra Leykauf, Jenny Michel, Ingo Mittelstaedt, Noor Nuyten, Zahava Rodrigo, Matthias Ruthenberg + Daniel Neubacher, Tina Tonagel and Luca Vanello.

Today, many young artists already take up the structure of showing in their works, meaning that established practices of presenting contemporary art are already integrated in the artistic works. Through this, otherwise often rather invisible or inconspicuous aspects of staging exhibitions are made perceptible and become a focus. The works by the artists being presented in Schloss Wolfsburg address the exhibiting, showing and presenting as well as viewing of contemporary art in a variety of ways.


  • 17. October 2014 11.00 cet
  • 21. October 2014 19.00 cet
    Ausstellungseröffnung im Gartensaal


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