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Carsten Fock’s (*1968) main medium is painting, whose technical possibilities he again and again explores anew. In doing so, he does not shy from experiments, whereby the borders between abstract, gestural-expressive painting and figuration remain in a state of suspension. His works are always charged with content-related and self-reflective references and pose questions or raise problems. For the rooms of the Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg, Carsten Fock has developed the spatial installation "To go ashore" whose visual interplay between exhibition object and exhibition architecture perplexes customary ways of seeing.

Carsten Fock studied at the Kunsthochschule Kassel and the Städelschule Frankfurt am Main with Georg Herold and Per Kirkeby.

We would like to thank the Lüneburgische Landschaftsverband and the association jugend in der galerie e.V. for their generous support.


  • 07. May 2015 12.00 cet
    Press conference
  • 09. May 2015 18.00 cet


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