KUNSTGRIFF - Art studio for all

29. January 2013

An afternoon of discovery with Kristin Torka and Kirsten Achtermann.

Especially welcome in the Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg are new citizens, families as well as residents of the Nordstadt district of Wolfsburg. During these creative afternoons, very diverse and fascinating programs are offered each time.

Accompanying the exhibitions, there are short tours that elucidate the most important data and facts about the on-going exhibitions in a engaging manner. And after the discussions in the exhibition, the guests have the opportunity to try out artistic techniques themselves.

Depending on the exhibition, there are not only short tours but also films, musical performances or a rally through the exhibition followed by a lottery and an entertaining programme on every first or second Sunday in the month in the Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg.

  • Sunday, 03. March, 14.00–17:00 cet
    „Licht und Schatten“
  • Sunday, 14. April, 14.00–17:00 cet
  • Sunday, 05. May, 14.00–17:00 cet
  • Monday, 06. May, 12.30 cet
  • Sunday, 02. June, 14.00–17:00 cet
  • Sunday, 07. July, 14.00–17:00 cet
  • Sunday, 04. August, 14.00–17:00 cet
  • Sunday, 08. September, 14.00 cet
  • Sunday, 06. October, 14.00–17:00 cet
  • Sunday, 03. November, 14.00–17:00 cet
  • Sunday, 01. December, 14.00–17:00 cet