Exhibition Programme 2013

19. October 2012

(changes possible, status: 16. 02. 2013)

9 March to 27 October 2013
Max Regenberg
“Der Gebrauch der Landschaft”
Opening on 9 March at 6 pm

The Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg devotes an extensive exhibition to the Cologne photographer Max Regenberg. Although Regenberg, who was born in Bremerhaven in 1951, is amongst the most interesting representatives of documentary photography, his images have nonetheless been little presented up to now. The project presents this important oeuvre in an extensive museum exhibition for the first time. Since the 1970s, Regenberg has been photographing large-scale posters in the public, urban space. What interests him above all in doing so are the accidental constellations of architecture, poster content and surroundings, since, in his opinion, these provide information about the time in which the images were created. They are both contemporary witnesses and memory banks at the same time and also show the cultural and political consciousness of society.

9 April to 4 August 2013
Wolfgang Ellenrieder
Painting and Graphic
Opening on 9 April at 6 pm (at 8 pm opening at HBK Braunschweig)

Since 2009, the Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg has been presenting the artistic work of one professor in the Liberal Art course of studies at the HBK Braunschweig each year. With this series of exhibitions, we offer the teachers of Liberal Art at the Hochschule in Braunschweig a suitable forum in our region. As a long-term institutional partner of the HBK, with this engagement we contribute to improving the direct understanding of contemporary artistic work, to identifying with art in the region and also to a better regional network of producers of art. In the Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg, the focus will be placed on “Raumstrukturen” (spatial structures). For this, the special characteristics of the historical location in contrast to the modern architecture of the Hochschule form a particular arc of tension and promise an interesting overview of the works of the artist, who lives in Munich. For Wolfsburg, Ellenrieder will realise works that reflect the special characteristics of the historical location through examining both the interior architectural structure as well as the surface structures of the former living spaces of the Counts of Schulenburg. The exposed ceiling paintings as well as the wallpaper structures will be transposed into the most diverse of artistic media, including also graphic prints. Important points of reference include the perception of surfaces in comparison to pictorial space or the creation of form through the appropriation of pre-existing structures. Wolfgang Ellenrieder (born in Munich in 1959) has been teaching at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig since 2010. Parallel to the exhibition in Wolfsburg, it will also be possible to see works by the artist in the gallery of the HBK.

Free shuttle to the openings between Wolfsburg and Braunschweig on 9 April:

Start at 5 pm from Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig, Johannes Selenka Platz to the opening at 6 pm "Wolfgang Ellenrieder – HYBRID" in Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg

Start from Schloss Wolfsburg 7:15 pm to the opening at 8 pm "Wolfgang Ellenrieder" in the gallery of Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig

Back to Schloss Wolfsburg at 10 pm

13 April to 24 November 2013
Tal R
Drawings and Installations
Opening on 13 April at 6 pm

The basis for the exhibition is a polar expedition that Tal R went on in 2011 at the invitation of the Danish academy. Along with him on the long journey were other artists including Daniel Richter and Per Kirkeby as well as geologists, archaeologists and permafrost researchers. Whilst the scientists searched for early cultures or carried out drilling, the artists independently examined the situation on the journey. Tal R spent most of the expedition drawing on deck. He concentrated on the landscape, which was in motion as a result of the movement of the ship and constantly changed. Each of the motifs observed could thus always only serve as the basis for a drawing. Tal R reports that there was such heavy fog in some places that no view was even possible. But he continued to draw further landscapes nonetheless. The exhibition will present a selection – made personally by Tal R – from the large number of sheets that were created on this journey. It is Tal R’s keen desire that the results of the journey will be presented as an ensemble. The work cycle impressively documents the artistic realisation of an interdisciplinary expedition and encourages viewers to examine questions that go beyond purely artistic contemplation and address aspects regarding our perception of nature as well as problems connected with climate change. The artist, who was born in Tel Aviv in 1967 as Tal Rosenzweig and lives in Copenhagen, is a professor at the Düsseldorf Kunstakademie (art academy). He is represented in the collection of the Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg with numerous works.

20 August 2013
Bernhard Martin
“Ode an die Vergesslichkeit”
Sculpture and Labyrinth in the Schlosspark

In the park of Schloss Wolfsburg, a sculpture that is meant to speak to both the young and the old in equal measure is being created. Schloss Wolfsburg is surrounded by an English landscape park in the east and by a Baroque garden on the north side. In the park, nature and art are combined by tradition. For the realisation of the sculpture, it was possible to obtain the well-known artist Bernhard Martin (born in Hannover in 1966), who was awarded the art prize of the City of Wolfsburg in 2008 and is represented in the collection of the Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg with several works. He designed a gazebo that appears to be sunk into the earth, with only the roof still peeking out. A branch crowned by an unexpected element, a fashionable shoe, grows boldly out of the roof. A small labyrinth made up of hedges is laid out around this surreal seeming sculpture.

12 September to 31 December 2013
Joachim W. Danyel on the Phenomenal
“Jeder Mensch ist ein Erfinder” (Every Person is an Inventor).

The artist is an inventor and tinkerer: for the exhibition for this year’s phaenomenale, he will present the results of his fruit experiments. They engage in a dialogue with the work “Die Flamme der Revolution, liegend (in Wolfsburg)” (The Flames of the Revolution, Lying [in Wolfsburg]) by Olaf Nicolai. In the work of Joachim W. Danyel, experiments and humour form the heart of his art. And his poetic installation “Spinning” thus becomes an entirely new sensory experience that gives an idea of what diverse and mysterious forms an orange peel can take on. This is already the second presentation of a work by Joachim W. Danyel in Schloss Wolfsburg: in 2001/2002, he was also already represented in the group exhibition NEUE BESEN KEHREN GUT (A New Broom Sweeps Clean) with a site-specific installation. Joachim W. Danyel was born in Nejdek / Czech Republic in 1950, and worked as a filling station attendant and grammar school teacher in Braunschweig. In 1995, he became an art student at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig and completed his degree three years later, and in 1999 he was a master-class student with Meisterschüler bei Professor Walter Dahn.

Exhibition Opening in conjunction with the 75-year anniversary of the City of Wolfsburg 17 September 2013 at 7 pm:

17 September 2013 to 30 March 2014
"Wundertüte" Bestandsaufnahme IV - Presentation of the Collection in the West Wing

For the presentation of the collection, the creation of new associations, connections and fusions stands in the foreground. A heterogeneous constellation that is not oriented toward specific media is thus developed, making it possible to place installations, video projections, painting, graphic works and sculpture in a direct relationship. Since the presentation location of the West Wing does not represent a neutral exhibition space but instead inscribes history and stories into the contemporary works with force, alternative models of exhibition design are absolutely necessary.


17 September 2013 to 19 January 2014 “Squaring the Circle” - 10-Year Partnership with Sharjah

The occasion for the planned exhibition is the ten-year anniversary of the lively cultural exchange on an equal basis between the Emirate of Sharjah and the City of Wolfsburg. Like Wolfsburg, which is celebrating the 75th anniversary of its establishment in 2013, Sharjah is also a still young polity. Since the discovery of oil deposits, the Emirate, which is the only one to be situated on both the Persian Gulf as well as the Gulf of Oman, has become a world of contrasts, of contradictions, but also of superlatives. In the middle of the desert, networks of roads, residential areas and high-rise buildings have been created at a breath-taking pace. The artists react to these radical upheavals and the social phenomena connected with them. The exhibition title makes reference to the impossible seeming undertaking of mastering the balancing act between tradition and modernity at the speed of sound, but at the same time also alludes to the Oriental roots of mathematics.

Permanent exhibitions:

Olaf Nicolai
“Die Flamme der Revolution, liegend (in Wolfsburg)”

Olaf Nicolai (born in Halle in 1962) received the art prize of the City of Wolfsburg “Young City Sees Young Art” in 2002 and designed this space-encompassing installation for the exhibition in connection with the prize. The Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg purchased the installation for its collection and now presents it on a permanent basis. At this time, it stands in dialogue with the wall work “Hinter der Flamme” (behind the flame) by Lothar Götz.

Lothar Götz
“Don´t Look Now”
Wall Painting

Lothar Götz redesigned the long, narrow corridor in the South Wing of the Städtische Galerie with his wall work “Im Flur” (in the corridor). With it, he thus completely redefines a space that is more of a passageway. With his wall-filling format, Götz also invites visitors to question the surroundings. Viewers are thus now encouraged to pause rather than to traverse the space quickly. Questions of nearness and distance are raised, and one’s own location is questioned. The artist describes his starting point as follows: “I am fascinated by architecture that has a philosophy, by spaces that develop a poetry and thus captivate as a result“ A further work is located in the East Wing and stands in dialogue with the room installation “Die Flamme der Revolution, liegend (in Wolfsburg)” by Olaf Nicolai. With the work “Hinter der Flamme” by Lothar Götz, architecture, spatial structure and surroundings are thus connected to form a new experience of space. The accustomed view of the space-encompassing sculpture by Olaf Nicolai is now disrupted by a colour composition situated on the walls.

Kunst-Station in the Hauptbahnhof Wolfsburg:
13 November 2012 to 31 March 2013
Thomas Mass
“fly-over-crossing #3”
Wall Work
Opening on 13 November at 11 am

In the Kunst-Station, the Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg in cooperation with the Deutsche Bahn regularly presents artistic projects that invite visitors to pause and discover something new. Following wall drawings, several photographic works and a space-encompassing installation, the artist Thomas Mass (born in Kiel in 1956), who is a resident of Düsseldorf, presents a concept that breaks away from all his works up to this point and forms a counterpoint to the floor work by Daniel Buren. With vibrant and colour-intensive stripes, circles, latticework or grids, the artist again and again explores the limits of painting without completely leaving them behind. With precision and his own signature, he develops his own particular and unusual pictorial form that allows the waiting area in the Hauptbahnhof Wolfsburg to appear in a new light.

  • Saturday, 09. March, 18.00 cet
    „Eröffnung Max Regenberg "Der Gebrauch der Landschaft"“
  • Tuesday, 09. April, 18.00 cet
    „Eröffnung Wolfgang Ellenrieder“
  • Saturday, 13. April, 18.00 cet
    „Eröffnung Tal R "Sailaway"“