First awarding of the Volkswagen Fellowship

06. March 2018

The association of friends of the Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg, jugend in der galerie e.V., and the Volkswagen Group have instituted a unique project. With the Volkswagen Fellowship, an open stipend for art mediators has been launched and awarded for the first time: The goal of the fellowship is to support art mediators and innovative approaches to mediating contemporary art. The fellowship has initially been awarded for one year and is endowed with a total of 20,000 €. Further calls for applications will follow in the next two years.

The call for applications was received with keen interest on an international level, thus resulting in the submission of many highly qualified applications from Germany and abroad, from professional circles as well as very diverse art mediation forums. After intensive discussion, the jury decided unanimously for Paula Mierzowsky and Norgard Kröger with their mediation format “CARE LESS – Schulungsprogramm für betreute Kunstbetrachtung”:

The jury was convinced by the approach of completely merging art and mediation. The prize-winners propose not only an exceptional process within the framework of mediation, but also carry the actions over into a participative performance at the same time. “As a result of the form of implementation, viewing art generally generates a shift, so that viewers themselves take on the character of art and/or a work.” The fellowship is meant to give CARE LESS the opportunity to pursue its methods over a longer period of time and develop them further.

For two years, CARE LESS has been working on a programme for supported viewing of art. The core team consists of Paula Mierzowsky and Norgard Kröger, while, depending on the occasion, there are also additional members, some of them one-time, some of them over a longer period of time. The underlying principle of the project is the already existing expertise of all viewers of art and providing these experts with supportive assistants . The know-how and services and/or contributions of the assistants comprises not only the rich catalogue of methods, special tools, and individual application possibilities, but, above all, providing time and attention for dedicating oneself to a particular art experience and learning from one another.

A trailer of CARE LESS introducing their method:

A documentation of CARE LESS at FESTVAL OF FUTURE NOWS 2017 in the Hamburger Bahnhof: